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IT'S TIME TO INVEST in the Least & those Without! We've fed over 2000 poor people in Tiptur & Hyderabad, India who are in total lockdown, but We're RAISING FAITH & FINANCES to FEED 1000 more Widows & Homeless people & their Pastors! Would you GIVE $500, $100, $50 or your Best Gift Now & Be A Blessing to those who need it Most! Thank YOU SO MUCH!!!

Also, Kids MATTER and the Legacy Project Continues TODAY as We Raise Support to Bless needy young people thru THE LIFE CENTER (An After-school Community Center & Safe-haven) for our underserved children and youth!   

We Need Your Help! WOULD YOU GIVE NOW!  

Imagine a place where young and seasoned people from different backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities and socio-economic status gather together to train, fellowship, develop   friendships and just "Do Life Together". A place where peace is normal and the atmosphere is so about pursuing excellence, discovering our purpose and connecting with those who feel like outsiders. A place where holistic health is nurtured and maturity is fostered for all who engage in this community. Imagine pulling up to a facility on Friday evening with the kids for a "Free" family nite movie, or sending them to an afterschool program that is a safe haven where learning positive values are standard and discovering their creativity is the norm. WE'RE RAISING $20,000 IN THE NEXT 90 DAYS IN ORDER TO MAKE THIS A REALITY. Ex. If Only 100 people Give $200 or 50 people Give $400, IT'S A DONE DEAL! Stand With Us & Be A PART OF HIStory! GIVE NOW & THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR GENEROSITY!

You can make your tax deductible gift in one of the following ways: 

1. On-line with a debit card, credit card, or electronic check via PayPal 


Your Best Gift (Kingdom Supporter)



  $30 Recurring Gift (Change Partner)        
$100 Gift (Kingdom Investor)
    $500 Gift or More (Life Partner)
 2. You can mail your gift to us. Please make all checks or money orders payable to: God's Word In Action, 3840 Euclid Ave, East Chicago, IN. 46312Partnership Agreement

At God's Word In Action Ministries our agreement with you is to operate with financial integrity and be stewards for excellence with the funds entrusted to us. Our staff is committed to ensuring that your donations are properly used to reach those in need and appropriated for development of programs and facilities that will be used to bring change and new life to those we serve. We agree with you that as you give into this ministry that the Lord will reward you greatly for being a "Partner For Change"!

Abundant Blessings,

Pastor Darryl Jones

Jesus said, "We are the light of the world..." (Matthew 5:17)


By Partnering with us, we are turning 220 investments of $1000, $500, $100 or your best gift NOW into making an impact in the community and changing lives. This will enable us to finalize the purchase and renovation of our state-of-the-art facility which includes:

- State-of-the-art Remodeled auditorium for various Worship Experiences, Kingdom Encounters & Community Events.

- Life development training (for kids and at-risk youth), after school programs and a state-of-the-art computer skills center.

- Daycare center, pre-school & after-school center (for special needs children) and the GWIA (CTS) Bible College & Seminary (Accredited, Credible, yet Affordable)!

- Family fitness event center for health and recreational gatherings in the East Chicago/Hammond, IN. area. We're asking for you to invest Now, so that we can finalize this purchase.  We are counting on friends and supporters like you to be the Difference by making an Investment in our young people. Your tax-deductible gift will impact countless young people & send the message to many others that there is "Something Good in the Neighborhood".    

Our Part (GWIA)
Your Part (You)

Thank You So Much For Making A Difference!!!



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